Crested geckos

Size: 5 to 8 inches
Diet: Crested gecko food (they sell at most big pet stores such as petco and petsmart, just ask someone who works hereand they will no what your talking about.) which they need daily,crickets, mealworms, butterworms, waxworms, and fruit but only as a treat.
Housing: glass or plastic tank with a secure lid is good i have mine in a cage i bought at petsmart with a door on the side. they like 2 climb on branches and hide behind plants. I have also noticed they like to hide in a hut. They need a flouresent lamp and they say heat lamp maybe in the winter bt mine doesnt hav a heat lamp and iv had him for over a year. They need a water bowl you wouldn't thik a gecko wuld drink out of a bowl but they do but sometimes they just get the moisture out of the cresed gecko food.
        This is a picture of my crestie at home his name is Sticky!

EXTRA INFO: at one point in time the crested gecko were thought to have gone exstinct. They originated from southern Grand Terre, New Caledonia, and Isle of Pines. The Crested geckos like to hangout in low shrubs and small trees.And now are of the one of the most popular lizards today.