Golden Geckos!

Diet:crickets,mealworms, waxworms, and roches.

Branches are good forr climbing which most geckos love to do. They also like drift wood and live plants to hide and sit in. They like hiding spots to hide and to sleep in. Golden Geckos need water dish to drink from and they need to have there water changed daily.

Humidity & Heat & Temp:
75-90 temerature in the daytime
70-75 temperature at night
They need a uv or uvb lamps
Golden Geckos 60-80 percent humidity.

Golden Geckos don't like to be handled much because they stress easily.

the golden gecko are a native animal in the vietnam rainforests.The males grow to about 7" and females grow to 5" to 6". They live for about 10 to 15 years. they live in moist areas so they have to be misted daily Golden geckos eat insects and fruit.

Golden Geckos also get along with Tokay Geckos!