maddy julien
period 3

natal green snake

A reptile is an endothermic vertebrate that has lungs and scaly skin. A lot of the reptile species are some of the most dangerous. Reptiles are also animals with a backbone that are cold blooded and lay eggs. The main groups of reptiles are turtles,tortoises,the crocodiles, alligators , snakes,and lizards. All reptiles hatch from eggs, the eggs are a leathery like substance that the animal are in and shell brake free after an amount of time. When some reptiles are born they are there to fend for themselves like sea turtles when they are born there mother is nowhere to be found and they have to face the elements of survival and death. But some reptiles have a parent there to protect them such as alligators, alligators are there for there babies until they are ready to face there world on there own.


tree frogs

Amphibian is a vertebrate that has a temperature control and spends its early life in water and also means " double life." Most amphibians live in wet amp places close to water. After beginning life in water, most of them spend their adulthood on land, but stay close visiting water often for pleasure and reproduction. Amphibians are very unique and amazing creatures some live in places such as South America or North America almost everywhere. Because amphibians have eggs with no shell they lay there eggs in water that way they aren't as available to predators. When they are born they look like little fish then slowly they grow legs and mature into grown animals.