Size: about4 inches
Diet: the basic insects (crickets, wax worms, mealworms)
Habitat: at least 10 gallon tank depending on how many amphibians you are housing.Non-toxic plants are a nice and pretty accessory to your pets new home. Things to climb on are good becase white tree frogs like to be hidden and love to climb.They also need a hut to hide in.
Substrate- mulch commercial material soil,un bleached papertowels, moss or bark,no gravel or artificial turf (harmful to skin)
Cleaning and Normal Care: cage needs to be sprayed often to keep cage humid and heat lamp also to help water to stay humid. Water should be cleaned once a week and they should always have water. Food should be avalible all the time but, not to many at a time because the crickets could gang up on the frog.
Behavior: white tree frogs are very friendly but shold not be handled to often because the oils in our hands can be harmful to amphibians, also can be scare very easily.They are usually active at night and rest during the day.